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A Vision of Action for the New Alliance

Our new Alliance of Health Care Unions held its inaugural meeting this week at the UNAC/UHCP State Office.

During the course of our two-day session:

We shared our vision for the future—including our commitment to Partnership as the best path toward improving the care we deliver to patients—with Kaiser senior management.

We selected an Executive Board, elected Executive Officers and confirmed our Executive Director—Peter diCicco, founder and longtime first Executive Director of the old coalition. UNAC/UHCP’s President, Denise Duncan, RN, was named Vice Chair of the Alliance.

We held extensive discussions to develop a constitution that will fortify our consensus decision-making model.


Kathleen Theobold, KPNAA, Chair Denise Duncan, RN, AFSCME (UNAC/UHCP), Vice Chair Rosie Gonzalez, USW Local 7600, Recording Secretary Nate Bernstein, UFCW Local 7, Treasurer Adrienne Enghouse, RN, AFT (OHNHP Local 5017) Don Henley, IBT Local 166 Greg Chavez, ILWU Local 28 Sandra Flores, IUOE Local 501 Peter diCicco, Executive Director


We expect KP to bargain with us on national issues through our Alliance, with the 2015-2018 National Agreement as the foundation for negotiations. The Alliance is prepared to begin National Bargaining immediately and will work to complete the process on the original timeline. We intend to conduct local bargaining.

We believe Partnership, while not perfect, has tremendously benefited everyone over the past twenty years. And we’re committed to working with KP to improve upon the Partnership.

Commitment to the work of the UBTs and inclusion of frontline workers from the old coalition. While we might be divided by the leadership of their unions, we work side-by-side with them every day and share the primary commitment of delivering the best quality care to our patients. We understand that individual union members are not responsible for the divisive actions of their leadership.


Alliance member unions withdrew from the Coalition—not the Partnership. AHCU member unions are individual signatories to the Labor Management Partnership and therefore have the right and responsibility to participate in all LMP work.

In addition, we are covered by the 2015-2018 National Agreement until its expiration on September 30.

The work of all Labor Management Partnership activities, including LMP Councils and unit-based teams, will continue for all Alliance member unions, as we are parties to the National Agreement.

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