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Alliance Unions Earn PSP Bonus Payout along with Extended COVID-19 Benefits

Kaiser Permanente has agreed to our proposal for all Alliance union members to receive a guaranteed PSP Bonus payout as an appreciation for their hard work in partnership during this extraordinarily challenging year. The news comes after KP agreed earlier in the week to extend COVID-19 benefits, including sick leave and childcare benefits, through the first quarter of next year.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance called on KP to revisit Performance Sharing Plan (PSP) goals bargained under pre-pandemic conditions. Given the unprecedented pandemic, redeployments of Trust-funded staff, the inability of many UBTs to meet, and even bad faith negotiations in one region – we had called on KP to convert the PSP to a guaranteed full payout. As a result, KP is granting partner unions with PSP at least 100% performance payout. Regions and individuals performing higher than 100% will receive the higher performance payout based on their plan’s performance. The payment will be paid in March on schedule with the regular PSP payment cycle.

Hal Ruddick, Executive Director of the Alliance, said, “We are pleased to see KP recognize the extraordinary and courageous contributions of our members and our partnership in the face of this overwhelming crisis. As our members cope with a barrage of misinformation, pain, and suffering, we can acknowledge these two victories, which are a direct result of identifying shared interests and putting forward solutions to meet this moment head-on.”

We congratulate our Alliance union leadership and members for their expertise, dedication, and hard work during this year.

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