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Back to the Bargaining Table

With the expiration of the National Agreement looming at the end of the month, negotiations will resume in Los Angeles on Monday, September 17. Some progress has been made in prior rounds of talks, but there is a lot of ground to cover in a short time. The meeting will be at the Sheraton Gateway near LAX.

Make your voice heard on Monday! If you’re not attending negotiations, be sure to wear your union colors, wear stickers or buttons from your local union, and talk to co-workers and supervisors about the key issues.

Let them know: We are united and ready to win a wage increase for all our members, protect our benefits, and get our partnership back on track with a realistic and workable plan.

We’ve come this far on the strength of incredible membership action — in July we had the largest Union rally in the history of the partnership, and in August we collected signatures on cards and petitions from a large majority of our members across all Alliance petitions. We are more united than ever!

We’ll announce any negotiations news here as soon as possible.

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