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COVID-19 Reflections from the Frontline: One Alliance Nurse to All Alliance Members

Just me, my reflection of the current situation.

2020 is year of the Nurse – yes, it is and will be.

We are recognizing the work of Florence Nightingale, on the 200th anniversary of her birth. She improved unsanitary conditions, reduced death counts, and sparked global health care reform.

I wish the country was better prepared.

I wish we had a different President.

I wish we could guarantee the health and safety of every person, I wish we could prevent the financial crisis this will cause.

But for today, in this moment, Registered Nurses will lead.

We will do the best we can today while putting together our best plan for tomorrow.

Back to basics – because that’s all we have.

Wash our hands. Wear whatever PPE we have while we advocate and/or create new PPE.

Education, inform, reassure and care for our patients, families and colleagues.

I think everyone must do what is right for them without any judgement.

I’m a relatively healthy person and I will show up to care for people the best I can for as long as I can.

There is so much to be outraged over. I get it. But I choose to focus on what I can control in this moment with gratitude. And for me personally, that’s just going to have to be enough.

My mom is sewing away and we are trying to come up with a plan B from where we sit.

It’s always the “people” who find solutions, never the “others.”

We will get through this.

Love to you all, honestly.


Becky Sassaman, RN BSN HNB-BC, Lead RN Union Steward, UFCW Local 7

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