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First Alliance Leadership Conference set for October 4-6 in Los Angeles

“The Alliance is expanding our learning and mentoring programs for leaders at every level.”

One of the key goals of the Alliance is to empower thousands of union members as leaders in their workplace, equipping them with communications, problem-solving, organizing and strategic thinking skills. The Alliance is expanding and upgrading our learning and mentoring programs for leaders at every level.

As part of this focus on leadership development, the Alliance Executive Board has announced our first-ever Alliance Leadership Conference (ALC), set for Friday, October 4 through Sunday, October 6 in Los Angeles. Local unions will select and send more than 300 leaders ready to build their skills and experience.

“Empowering our frontline leaders and arming them with the tools to lead is at the heart of this gathering,” says Kathleen Theobald, executive director of KPNAA and Board Chair for the Alliance. “It’s one component in our overall strategy to ramp up learning and development” across the Alliance.

The ALC will feature a sharp focus on skill development and experiential exercises to reinforce learning – with less sitting, lectures and speeches. Leadership development will be a two-way street – participants will gain knowledge, but they will also contribute to harnessing the collective knowledge of the group. "This is a chance to give our folks the skills to solve for the future challenges facing us," explained Greg Chavez, president of ILWU Local 28.

Local unions are expected to send select UBT co-leads, staff, stewards, and leaders focused on a particular issue area. The conference has three goals:

  • Developing leaders

  • Unity among Alliance members, building partnership with each other as well as with KP

  • Level-setting so we all know and communicate what we as an Alliance stand for

Program development is being led by committee of Executive Board members including Theobald and Chavez, as well as Sandra Flores of IUOE Local 501 and Adrienne Enghouse of OFNHP. For more information, contact your local union.

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