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Huge Union Rally Sends a Message

It was about 8:30 am on Sunday, July 8, when a trickle of union members began making their way into the Ballroom at the Hilton Orange County. By 9:30, the trickle had grown to a steady stream — and by the time the meeting began at 10:30, the group was a flood that overflowed into the halls, and an adjoining ballroom.

Music blared from the speakers, friends hugged each other, and a festive air pervaded the proceedings. More than 2,200 members from every Alliance union showed up on a steaming hot Sunday morning to let Kaiser know we care about our National Agreement.

It was the single biggest gathering of partnership union members in the entire 20-plus years of partnership at KP.

Alliance speakers presented our Union interests to the management bargaining team, emphasizing that if KP wants to continue to provide industry-leading care, they must also continue to provide industry-leading wages and working conditions — for all Alliance union members.

Bargaining is scheduled to continue through Monday, July 9.

Check out more photos from the day on the Alliance Facebook page.

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