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KP Proposal Will Worsen Wage Injustice


Today the Alliance released a new analysis of KP’s two-tier wage proposal. If implemented, the KP proposal would see newly-hired USW mobility techs, housekeeping attendants, and dietary aides in the Inland Empire earning less than California minimum wage! KP’s proposed two-tier system would only make the wage injustice in the Inland Empire and Kern County worse.

Lower-wage scales have negatively impacted our members in the Inland Empire and Kern County for decades. The practice of wage injustice has been going on for so long, it’s normalized, and Kaiser Permanente does not see it as an issue. We know this isn’t just about wages. Decades of wage disparity become missed opportunities to invest in a home, in education, and in our local communities.

Not only is KP on the wrong side of history but their irresponsible wage proposals rest on flawed research and fake data. The execs behind these shameful proposals have obviously not grasped the patient care and quality implications of a wage rate that would literally pay KP workers less than fast-food workers.

KP Proposal Will Worsen Wage Injustice

Hundreds of Alliance members showed up to work on Tuesday wearing union t-shirts, buttons, and stickers to express their solidarity with our National Bargaining team.

We will continue to wear our union t-shirts and buttons every Tuesday till we win a fair contract! For our members in Colorado, you can wear your union gear for Mobilization Mondays.


We must continue to take action in solidarity with our national bargaining team to show KP we are serious about wage justice and patient care.

Each of the national bargaining subcommittees met today to finalize their recommendations and a series of meetings took place to review hundreds of unresolved local bargaining issues. On Wednesday morning the CIC will review recommendations from the majority of the subcommittees.

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