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Our Unrivaled 2018 Alliance National Agreement Ready for Use!

You’ve likely heard about the, hard-fought, standard-setting gains we won in our first National Agreement in 2018 with Kaiser Permanente. Now our KP-Alliance National Agreement is ready for you to read, use, and earmark.

Look for print copies being distributed to Alliance members in the coming weeks. You can also get a PDF copy of your KP-Alliance Agreement here.

The 2018 Agreement renews and strengthens our Labor Management Partnership and offers enhanced benefits to the 50,000 workers represented by the Alliance of Health Care Unions.

Some top notch benefits we secured in our first agreement include:

  • Better across-the-board raises

  • Dental coverage improvements

  • Increase funds for Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust by 25%

  • Ability to use more of tuition reimbursement for travel

  • 25% increase in retiree medical (+$500/year)

  • Better PSP payouts and future guarantee of up to $1,000 if we do our jobs but the region doesn’t make its financial “gate”

  • Funding and commitments to strengthen our Partnership and get it back on track through LMP Training and more,

Every Alliance union member (not to mention the managers and physicians who work with them) should know key provisions of the agreement and what it does to help achieve high-quality, affordable health care while creating a great place to work and the best jobs.

Look for your copy in the coming weeks.

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