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SCAL: Alliance Unity Pays Off With PSP Bonus Win

In a sign of Alliance unity, strength, and the heroic hard work of our members, our members will be receiving PSP bonus payments in the upcoming payroll on March 12. Our members stayed focused on the work of the partnership in improving quality, service, affordability, safety, and attendance through all the many challenges of the last year. We are proud to maintain our industry-leading wages and benefits, which we will be fighting again for in this year’s bargaining.

As a result of our excellent performance toward our PSP goals, and KP SCAL’s strong financial performance, our PSP payout will be significantly above 100%. Payouts vary by service area and the amounts are listed on the back of this flyer. As in the past, amounts are adjusted for those working under 1800 hours. Under our individual attendance program, amounts will also be adjusted up or down depending on attendance. We are currently reviewing the PSP methodology to make sure we receive the highest earned amount.

The PSP victory is a reflection of our hard work, our partnership, the strength of the Alliance, and our ongoing commitment to performance improvement. While some regions are benefiting from the special COVID-19 guaranteed payout at 100%, our bonus exceeds this amount because we reached over 100% - all while in a pandemic! This year we will be bargaining a new National Agreement, giving us more opportunities to put our solidarity to work to win a new contract!

You may have heard about a “hero bonus.” This is just a different name for the PSP bonus payout. In the coming days, you will receive communications from KP on how to access your bonus statement.

Download the flyer and share the good news!

Have more questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions on the link below.

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