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The New People Pulse is coming July 15-30 — Participate and be heard!

If you haven’t heard, Kaiser Permanente has revamped the “People Pulse” survey. To make our voices heard, the Alliance strongly urges our members to participate in the new survey. Here’s the scoop:

Better research = stronger voice: From a research standpoint, the new People Pulse is a big improvement. With better-designed questions administered on a new schedule, the new survey will provide higher quality data on our members’ opinions. This means a more accurate reflection of our voices on critical workplace topics like a Free to Speak environment.

New schedule provides truer picture: Instead of surveying everyone in the organization at the same time, the survey will be administered this year to half of us between July 15-30, and to the other half between October 15-30. Results will be reported in aggregate at year’s end and confidentiality is still protected. Starting in 2020, the survey will be administered to one-quarter of us each quarter. This schedule is more consistent with best practices and will provide a more accurate picture of employee sentiment over time.

Analysis still includes UBTs and LMP: People Pulse has been valuable to us over the years because analysis has historically shown that unit-based team (UBT) members have better scores than the general employee population on indices like employee engagement and safety.

Subgroup questions eliminated: All specific subgroup questions, including questions that apply only to people in LMP, have been eliminated to keep the size of the survey manageable. For example, previous survey versions had extensive additional questions just for RNs — up to 80 of them for some — and these extra questions have all now been eliminated. These decisions were set in motion while the Alliance was in bargaining with Kaiser Permanente last year and we had not yet established partnership status with the employer. The decision to eliminate subgroup questions was applied consistently across the organization, and there is no indication that LMP was singled out.

In fact, the old subgroup questions referring specifically to the LMP produced ambiguous data. The analysis of LMP and UBT members’ answers to the general questions has been far more valuable — and we expect that analysis will be deeper and even more valuable to us in the new People Pulse.

That is why we still need our Alliance members to take the survey.

We have options: The Alliance is pursuing additional options for survey research that could provide even more detailed and useful data specifically about our members and managers covered by LMP and UBTs.

The bottom line: The People Pulse provides important data showing the difference between LMP and non-LMP departments, and we expect the new survey to be more accurate. The Alliance urges you to participate and be heard!

How you can access the survey: One-half of the organization will receive an invitation on July 15 to participate before July 30.

If you are in the July group, you should receive a postcard at your home, as well as an email. If you are unsure whether you are in the July or October group, log onto MyHR between July 15-30. If you’re in the July group, a pop-up window will ask you to take the survey. You can also access the survey here.

If you are not in the July group, the survey won’t be visible on either site now, but you will have an opportunity in October. An employee must have been employed for at least 90 days and not on Leave of Absence to be selected for the survey.

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