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Union-negotiated Retroactive Pay

Good news for Alliance Union members across Kaiser: our retroactive pay will be finally coming in this week’s paychecks. This retroactive amount in the upcoming paycheck will cover the raise from October 1 until the raise was actually included in your regular paycheck. Congratulations to everyone who stood up for the Union last summer — wearing buttons and union colors, rallying at your facility and at bargaining, and signing petitions — for helping us win strong new contracts!

In addition to pay increases that preserve our industry-leading pay and benefits, our new National Agreement met our other key goals: better benefits, a new LMP trust fund, continued access to our Ben Hudnall Memorial educational trust fund, and a plan to get our LMP back on track.

For more details on our National Agreement, including significantly better dental benefits, more HRA funds for retirees outside of California, a stronger Performance Sharing Plan (PSP), information on our Ben Hudnall and LMP trust funds, and getting our LMP back on track, go to our Alliance Unions website.

For members of local unions who chose to do local bargaining, please see your local union website for improvements won in your local union agreements.

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