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Victory: Childcare Grant Program Restored for up to $200 per Week

After weeks of discussions with KP management, we are pleased to announce the reinstatement of the childcare benefit effective August 17 through December 19, 2020, with a benefit of up to $200 per week.

Previously, the childcare benefit had expired in June. The Alliance proposed that the benefit be restored at the previous $300 rate which was provided from April to June 15, when the COVID-19 surge started.

On the evening of August 20th, KP informed the Alliance of its proposal to reinstate the childcare benefit at a maximum of $150 per week. We urged KP to increase the benefit and they responded to our concerns by agreeing to increase the weekly benefit to $200 late Friday, August 21st.

This benefit once again confirms KP’s commitment to setting the highest standards for pay and benefits. As the pandemic grinds on, few employers are extending this kind of support to their workforce. Our work in partnership contributes to KP’s success in providing quality care and strong financial performance that in turn supports workers with industry-leading benefits. Childcare grants, along with the extra COVID-related sick leave, are a reflection of the strength of our Alliance unions and our partnership.

Alliance leadership is continuing to raise the issue of extending the childcare benefit to people who work from home as well as other issues related to childcare/school closure, including the need for flexibility around scheduling, voluntary temporary shift/hours changes, and other changes to help employees meet their unprecedented family obligations.

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