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Alliance to KP: Wage Up, Staff Up, Partner Up to Solve #KPStaffingCrisis

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

For the past year, we’ve called on Kaiser Permanente leadership to partner with us to address the staffing crisis comprehensively. While KP has taken a few small steps in the right direction, KP leadership is not facing this crisis with the urgency it demands nor in partnership. Join us in urging Kaiser Permanente to wage up, staff up, and partner up with us to address the staffing crisis now. 

Wage Up

  • KP needs to raise pay to attract and retain employees. They need to do this now without waiting until the next round of bargaining. Key steps include converting lump sums to raises and providing additional increases to retain experienced employees.

Staff Up

  • The staffing crisis is impacting all of us from our co-workers’ missing breaks to our patients waiting in lines that run out the door. We are urging KP to hire more staff and fix the conditions causing workers to quit. If we want to attract, recruit, and retain high-quality employees, we must be the best place to work. Our shared partnership value calls for competitive wages and outstanding working conditions. 

Partner Up

  • We are calling on KP leadership to partner with us to address the staffing crisis with long-term sustainable solutions. As the Alliance, we are uniquely positioned to address the staffing crisis through our Labor-Management Partnership and our perspective from the frontlines. We know we cannot hire our way out of this crisis. We must fix the conditions that are causing people to quit at every level and we can’t do that if we don’t have a seat at the table.


Join us by calling on Kaiser Permanente to Wage Up, Staff Up, and Partner Up. You can:

1. Sticker Up and Take a Selfie

Wear the Wage Up, Staff Up, Partner Up stickers and send us your photo on social media. To get stickers for you and your coworkers, reach out to your union local.

2. Spread the Word With Our Virtual Background

For our members who work remotely, you download and use the Wage Up, Staff Up, Partner Up virtual background at:

3. Fill out an Action Poster

Print and fill out the action poster calling on KP to raise our wages and address the staffing crisis.

Download the posters here:

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