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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

With another surge gaining steam, KP execs remain focused on their bottom line while we continue to care for patients.

KP is stalling

As COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to climb and those who provide patient care and service have to dig deep to weather another surge, Kaiser Permanente execs can’t be bothered to put a proposal on the bargaining table. Instead of thanking those who fought on the front lines to save lives, KP execs are using this moment to try to maximize profit. Our Alliance bargaining team will not stand by as KP attempts to wring concessions from the workers who have always provided the best care and service — and gave everything during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KP isn’t taking COVID seriously As we confront a new COVID surge, union leaders again called on KP to take the pandemic seriously – and recognize what we have experienced. We need to resolve a fair contract now. The surge also brings a growing backlog of delayed care. KP needs to focus on direct patient care, now more than ever. Yet KP executives have spent nearly four months of bargaining making false claims about the people who work on the front lines instead of focusing on patient care and service.

“After six sessions we’ve made no progress at the economic table. This does not come close to resembling any National Bargaining experience we’ve had in 21 years,” said Denise Duncan, RN, President of UNAC/UHCP. “Instead of progressing our work so we can focus on the fourth surge and the contagious Delta variant, Kaiser Permanente leadership is preoccupied with talking about reducing wage rates.”

KP planned in secret to sabotage our contract While we were fighting a desperate struggle against COVID last year, KP executives met without labor, disregarding our 2018 National Agreement, to build a case that KP workers are a drag on the company’s bottom line and not a worthy investment. They decided to try to force us to accept an inferior contract in 2021 bargaining. Meanwhile, KP continues to make billions in profits, even during COVID.

We will fight together as an Alliance Management is signaling their intention to try to force concessions, but they can’t seem to even formulate proposals. Regardless of KP’s amateurish blundering, we will not compromise our commitment to the best jobs and best care — not after we’ve risked our lives fighting a pandemic. We are 50,000-strong and we will do what it takes to protect our patients and our standards.

We understand what’s at stake — not just for ourselves, but for our patients, our families, our communities, and the workers who will come after us.

Let’s show KP we’re united for our patients and our professions.

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